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Dr. Francisco Itriago: Hemorrhoid Specialist, General & Colorectal Surgery

Dr. Itriago also specializes in treating common colorectal issues such as hemorrhoids, pilonidal cysts, diverticulitis and more. Learn more about the colorectal conditions he treats and his advanced, minimally-invasive colorectal surgical techniques below.

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Dr. In Soon Park: General & Colorectal Surgery

Dr. In Soon Park also specializes in the same types of colorectal treatments we mentioned above, but he also performs all types of gastrointestinal surgery. He has particular interest and expertise in laparoscopic and colorectal surgery.


Dr. Jeffrey Mino: General & Colorectal Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Mino is the newest colorectal specialist to join the Colorectal Clinic of Tampa Bay team. His experience working for the prestigious Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio has prepared him well to serve the patients in our area.

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