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I was so fortunate to have had Dr. Itriago as my surgeon. He took the time to explain why the incisional hernia surgery was necessary, exactly what had to be done and what to expect afterwards. He actually listened and answered all of mine and my wife’ s questions. If he had done my initial colon surgery (which resulted in the incisional hernia), I probably would not have developed the hernia based upon his technique for performing the operation. It is so important to find the right surgeon with the right expertise and compassion. He made the surgical experience bearable. I would highly recommend him.

You should also know that his medical office assistant, Trish, made dealing with my ordeal very manageable. She was so caring and dedicated in setting up appointments, arranging tests, and obtaining prescriptions for the pain after the surgery. She returned phone calls as soon as possible and therefore, I did not feel like an unknown patient waiting anxiously for something to get done.

Finally, St. Joseph’s Hospital South which Dr. Itriago uses for his operations, must be commended for their outstanding care. I have never experienced anything like it at any other hospital that I have had the misfortune to be in. Overall, every part of the surgical operation (before, during and after) I felt I was receiving the best care possible.
— Louis Chiacchere
Finding the right words to adequately express my thanks to the Suncoast Surgical Associates team in Tampa, and specifically Dr. Francisco Itriago will be nearly impossible. My sister was in extreme amount of pain both physically and emotionally due to damage caused by extensive radiation treatment. Within a matter of days, Dr. Itriago and team was able to get my sister into surgery which we all know is nearly impossible. My sister has been through so much and I will never forget the compassion and sense of urgency Dr. Itriago showed towards my sister.
— Cheryl Stephens
In the past 7 months being treated here, I have met with 3 of the Drs, had surgery performed by two of them and follow up care with one. Every Dr., nurse and office person is so kind. Dr. Itriagro is not only an incredible surgeon; he is kind, compassionate and makes a humiliating exam so comfortable! So thankful for him!!!
— Lisa Westcott
Words cannot adequately express my gratitude for Dr. Itriago and the compassionate care I received from him and his team. He removed my cancer and with his exceptional skill preserved my quality of life when other surgeons believed they wouldn’t be able too.
— B. Zoch
I went to Dr. Itriago for surgery after seeing two other doctors first. He was the best listener, and the most responsive. Office staff is great. I saw him in the Habana office, which belongs to another doctor, Dr. Itriago is only there every two weeks.
— Tampa Patient
Dr. Itriago is wonderful and seriously, the best office staff around!
— Debbie Rozansky
Dr Itriago.. our personal belly guy! 😂
— Suzanne Van Dalen
Dr. Itriago saved my mom’s life!! I can’t give a better recommendation than that, but he was awesome! He thoroughly explained everything to us...good and potential bad (though there was none!). The post op visit in his Riverview location was so easy and fast. Thank you, Dr. Itriago!! If I ever had to have any surgery of this type, you would be my choice hands down!!
— Kimberly Miller Kull
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