What Is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic surgery is changing the way many surgeons are able to treat certain ailments. Oftentimes, robotic-assisted surgery provides surgeons and patients with a minimally invasive alternative to traditional open surgery. In this article, we will discuss what robotic surgery is, benefits of robotic surgery, and types of surgeries robotics can sometimes replace.

What is robotic surgery?

Robotic-assisted surgery allows surgeons to perform procedures with more accuracy and flexibility than is available with traditional surgical methods. Usually, robotic surgery is performed through tiny incisions, rather than larger incisions, which create more scarring and require more recovery time.  

How does robotic surgery work?

The surgeon controls the robotic system in the actual operating room and the arms of the robotic system delicately and precisely mimic the surgeon’s movements. The instruments a surgeon would normally hold as well as a small camera are attached to robotic arms.

The monitor attached to the robotic surgery console allows them to see inside the patient in high definition, providing a more detailed 3-D view than the human eye can obtain. The surgeon is able to change the range and scale of the robot’s movements.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Oftentimes, robotic surgery makes minimally invasive surgery possible where open surgery would normally be used. The benefits of minimally invasive robotic surgery include:

  • Fewer complications, such as surgical site infection

  • Less pain and trauma to the body overall

  • Reduced blood loss

  • Faster recovery time

  • Smaller scars and less disruption of the tissue surrounding the surgery site

  • Minimizes human error and surgeon fatigue  

Is robotic surgery right for you?

Robotic surgery isn't for everyone. Talk with your doctor about the benefits and risks of robotic surgery and how it compares with other methods of treatment such as traditional surgery or other types of minimally invasive surgery.

Robotic Surgery Treatment

At Colorectal Clinic of Tampa Bay, we offer Robotic Colon Resection Surgery or Robotic Colectomy. Robotic colectomy employs the use of robotic arms to ensure greater proficiency in the colectomy, which treats colon cancer. Robotic colectomy provides your surgeon with improved 3-D vision, enhanced dexterity, and developed precision when performing a colectomy.

At Colorectal Clinic of Tampa Bay, we offer robotic surgery to treat colorectal cancer in some patients where applicable. Speak with your colorectal specialist to see if you are a candidate for robotic-assisted surgery and share any concerns or questions you have about either procedure with your surgeon.