5 Recovery Tips For After Your Hemorrhoid Banding Surgery

Hemorrhoid banding surgeries are fairly common procedures for eliminating hemorrhoids in patients. The procedure is very simple, requires only local anesthesia, and can typically be done on an outpatient basis at a clinic that specializes in hemorrhoids or other colorectal issues.

Recovery for hemorrhoid banding, though, is a little more challenging simply because of the discomfort most patients experience after the procedure. If you are looking into getting hemorrhoid banding surgery, or you’ve already undergone surgery and are in the process of recovery, here are 5 tips you can start using today.

Hemorrhoid Surgery Recovery Tips

The best way to recover after a hemorrhoid banding surgery is by following your doctor’s aftercare advice as closely as possible. You may find that some of these tips overlap with your doctor’s recommendations, and that’s alright! Just make sure to follow them all and you’ll be straight on your way to feeling better.

1. Take A Sitz Bath

Sitz baths are baths in which one sits in water up to the hips, typically by using a specialized toilet bowl liner. These bowls can be filled with warm water and sitz bath (other soaks can include bath salts) and placed over the toilet for more comfortable soaking that can be done more often than a full bath. It’s recommended that sitz baths be done 1 to 2 times per day, or after every bowel movement so it can soak the area and/or relieve it from any pain.

2. Take Stool Softeners And Drink Plenty Of Water

While recovering from hemorrhoid banding surgery, you’ll want to avoid hard bowel movements that are difficult to pass. Ideally, you’ll want to have bowel movements that take as little effort as possible. For that, you may have to take stool softeners, drink a lot of water, and eat high in fiber. Doing so will not only help you avoid painful movements during recovery, it will also prevent further hemorrhoids from forming once you’ve healed up!

3. Go To The Bathroom As Soon As You Feel The Urge

Having to make a bowel movement might be a dreaded activity while you’re recovering from hemorrhoid banding surgery, but you really want to make sure that you do not suppress your bowel movements as this will only make it worse. It is recommended that if you feel a bowel movement coming, you visit the bathroom immediately. Remember to not exert too much force, hold your breath, or try to push out the bowel movements. If nothing passes, simply wait until the next time you have a bowel movement to go again.

4. Avoid Wiping With Toilet Paper

Toilet paper can irritate and leave residue behind at the best of times, so you definitely don’t want to use it while recovering from hemorrhoid banding surgery. You’ll be much better off wiping with baby wipes, medicated pads, or even just using soap and water.

5. Avoid Heavy Lifting

You may not think of this when reviewing the aftercare tips for hemorrhoid banding surgery, but like with most other surgeries, you’ll really want to avoid heavy lifting for up to two weeks after your surgery. Heavy lifting can undo some of the work done during the surgery, and put a lot of extra stress on the banded hemorrhoids. So, while healing, make sure to take it easy!

More Information

Hemorrhoid surgery recovery is no easy thing, but the benefit to the whole process is that you’ll be getting rid of the hemorrhoids that have given you so much trouble to begin with! There are many more tips you can follow while recovering, and many of them you can get from the colorectal specialist conducting your surgery. Be sure to ask them about concerns you have about the aftercare and don’t be shy about getting personal, they’ve seen and heard it all already! To book your consultation with a colorectal specialist, contact us today!